Palm Honey
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 Canary Island
Palm Honey



Palm Honey is a healthier alternative sweetner
Palm Honey also called Palm Syrup or Palm Sugar is a natural alternative to traditional sweetners.

Wild Palm Trees in the Canary IslandsTast the traditional flavors of Palm Honey imported from the Canary Islands. Palm Honey adds a classical tast to your cuisine. Palm Honeys rich flavor is tapped from the heart of the Wild Palm Trees of the Canary Island. Not only does Palm Honey have a rich flavor, Palm Honey has a higher concentration of Minerals than Bee Honey. Palm Honey has three times the amount of magnesium and over 100 times the amount of Potassium. Palm Honey is also a source of Zinc which is absent in some sweetners.

Palm Honey has been used in Asian food and in Europe for years. It tones down the strong flavor of asian spices such as curry. Palm honey can also be used in baking, drinks and as syrup. Palm Honey is also lower on the Glycemic Index that some sugars such as Cane and Beet Sugar.

IONS (%)
CALCIUM 0.0043 0.006
COPPER 0.00015 0.00007
IRON 0.0010 0.0009
PHOSPHORUS 0.025 0.016
MAGNESIUM 0.019 0.006
POTASSIUM 1.038 0.010
SODIUM 0.056 0.003
ZINC 0.00034 -

Palm Honey - What is it?
Official Palm Honey is harvested annually in the Canary Islands. It is the concentred sap of the Canary Islands native palm, Phoenix canariensis. Palm Honey  is thinner and darker than bee honey. Both are natural sweeteners, but there is a big difference in taste and chemical content as seen on the chart to the left.

Harvesting the Palm Honey does not harm the native wild trees it is taken from. Several liters are removed from the tree and it is left for about 5 years before it is harvested again. The process is similiar to the process Maple Syrup is harvested, taking a small portion of the sap this reducing it to a thick consistancy. Experience the rich flavor of true Palm Honey once only found in a limited market. Choose Palm Honey to replace sweetners such as Agave, Sugar, Brown Sugar or Maple Syrup.

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"Palm Honey is a great. It is healthy and has more flavor that other sweetners

- Joel Johnson, US -